Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is a Game.

It was happening again.

Somehow they always knew where I was hiding.

But it is no use complaining. So I grab my pistol and extra ammo and carefully shoot the first snipes to pop their head over the wall.

Then rolling to my feet, I dash through the short maze, killing snipes as I go to make my way to the larger weapons cache. I will need a bigger gun soon if things keep going the way they have before.

"Come an get it!" I yell as I slaughter the beast that tries to bar my way. And then I duck behind some barrels to reload.

Once upon a time, I didn't have to go to war with creatures that belong in a nightmare.
A living nightmare, that's what this was.
But that time is harder and harder to remember. Now this seems to be my life. And feeling sorry for myself, here behind the barrels, will more than likely get me killed.

Rain starts to fall as I enter the next maze that will lead me out of this trap.

As I push through the hedge with my big gun leading the way, my vision blurs for a second. Like rain writing letters before my eyes.

I wipe away the rain, and I hear a gun firing off to my left.

A human gun.

There is someone else here fighting the snipes.

Its odd, but this makes me feel better. Misery loves company as you know.

And there is that odd blur again. This time it seems to spell, "Player 2 has entered the game."

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Sale Meetings

So I'm not sure if this is really creepy, or kinda cool. But it looks like my family is stalking Kiersten White. (Who is now a famous person after publishing her new book, Paranormalcy)

I mean what would you call someone who goes to a book signing to get a book signed for their daughter after following the new authors blog for almost 3 years. And then discovers that Their daughter's geoghraphy teacher is the sister of one of Kiersten's best friends.

Then just yesterday, my wife goes out to garage sales and encounters a young man selling his older sister's Dragon Lance book collection. And he says, "Yeah, these were my older sisters. She's a published author now." And you guessed it, we now own a bag full of Kiersten's old books.

By the way, Kiersten takes good care of her books, they are like new.

And my daughter is thrilled. She loved Paranormalcy, and can't wait to get the next book in the series. In the mean time she will be reading the books that Kiersten read before she was famous.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Definition: Danger, Risk.

"The first thing that you should know is that the Periculum was not found or discovered. It was created. The second thing is that it is not the only one if its kind. So really referring to it as "The" Periculum is inaccurate. Its more along the lines of this Periculum.

This is important to know because its possible to encounter others. And they don't cancel each other out. When there are two or more Periculums they have a way of combining in unusual ways. Its one of the ways that they are what they are.

The next thing that you need to know is that a person can only have the Periculum once. Once they have lost it, or given it to another, they can never take it back. We have passed it down from father to son carefully. It is part of our service to the city. It helps keep the city strong, and helps to preserve the piece and prosperity of our people.

It is time for the Periculum to pass to you. Do not ever let it out of your possession until it is time to pass it on to another. Remember what I have said, my son. Remember what I have taught you."

At these words my father held out his hand. At first it was empty. But then the flesh of his palm seemed to ripple like water. And then there was a large beautiful jewel resting in his hand.

As I took it from him he let out a sigh. Not a sigh of death or anything morbid like that, but a sigh like one would give when a long worn boot is removed gently from ones foot.

I knew that the Periculum was not really a jewel. That was just a caporial representation. It seemed to tingle in my hand. I knew that I needed to be by myself. But I didn't want to leave my father as if I was anxious to take a gift ungratefully. My father smiled and I couldn't help but think he looked smaller than he had a moment a ago.

"Go." He breathed. "Go and get acquainted with it. There is time to come back and say your good byes."

I smiled back and gave his had a squeeze with my other hand and then left him to go to the room next door. I closed the door, and then carefully not to lose contact with the jewel, unlaced my tunic. It was a bit cold, standing their, but this is how it had been explained to me.

Then holding the Periculum in both hands, I let it melt into my skin.

It was an odd sensation. A warming sensation. And it spread over my flesh like water.

I had been training and working with the guard for years. And I had the scars to prove it. But as the Periculum became mine, I watched years old scars vanish.

I had learned to use all the weapons that defended the city. And to fight in hand to hand combat. No one would want to practice with me again. Odd things would happen in combat from now one. The Periculum would not care about practice. It would effect things like the random toss of a coin if it determined that there was something about the outcome that would make a difference.

Now that is inaccurate again. Periculum didn't make calculations, or determinations. It didn't think and could not be reasoned with. It was like a wind flying in the face of chance. The wind didn't have motives, and couldn't be reasoned with. But it did effect the environment.

After a few moments the feeling of wellbeing began to feel normal. Or at least less unusual. I laced up my tunic again. Not that I had felt cold, mostly out of habit, and returned to may father. He wasn't on deaths door. But his long life had finally reached the point where he could no longer server the city as he once had even with the Periculum. But now that he had passed it on, he would age more quickly, and I wanted to speak with him while the time remained.

And tomorrow, it would be time to start my service to the city.