Monday, February 28, 2011

Did you NaNoWriMo?

For those of you that don't know, NaNoWriMo is an acronym for "National Novel Writing Month" and it is a contest that happens each November.

The gist of it is this; starting on the 1st of November and continuing until the 31st, try to write an original 50,000 word novel. No editing, drafts, or quality required. (Writing 50,000 copies of "word" is technically a completion but I recommend setting your sights a bit higher.)

November of 2010 was a flop for me. It was my first try, and after a few days I began to fall behind.

And then the inevitable happened. The month ended, and I had failed to complete my 50,000 words. (Really I was not much more than 5,000 words.) (Writing 50,000 copies of "word" started looking better and better.)

Well I am not a person to shy away from a challenge. I have the discipline to write, but it is consumed mostly into my other blogs. (Hence this blog has languished a bit.)

So to start conditioning for next November 2011, I am thinking that I should do an exercise here. And just like a physical workout, I should do a variety of things.

I could go nuts and say something like, "Write 1,000 words a day." And I could do that even, but that is not what I am thinking.

More along the lines like this. Each week doing 4 diferent things. Things like; Write 1,000 words on a new story. Write a character profile. Write a dialoge. Write an action scene. Write some other thing that may or may not fit in the story.

And I think that I will try this starting March 2011.

I wonder what will happen next....

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