Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fail: KFC in American Fork, UT

I have family in American Fork, UT. And for my brothers and I, the KFC on State St. was a meeting place. We liked the food, and they had tables where we would meet up talk. I should make it clear that this was all in the past.

You see the other night, Thursday, April 21st at 9:50PM my wife and I were finishing some errands. As we were driving home we saw the Kentucky Fried Chicken was open. So we cruised into their parking lot and paused to check the hours. The door said, they were open until 10PM.

We both thought that we would pull up to their drive through and ask what they had left. And then buy it. But instead of coming on the speaker and asking for our order. Or even explaining that they were shutting down and had a limited selection. A male voice said, "We are closed. Come back another day." and then there was a resounding click.

You see that click more than anything else was offensive. I didn't get to ask, "what are your hours?" I didn't get to apologize for coming late. I just got hung up on.

Since I didn't get to respond then. I have to respond this way, "I decline your offer to come back on another day. In fact, just so you know. I won't be back again."

Now I also want to say this. After being rudely hung up on at KFC, but still being hungry, we drove on down State St and pulled into the Chic-fil-a. It was now 10:15. The hours of the Chic-fil-a also stated that they were closed at 10pm. But they took our order, gave us food and were very pleasant about it.

I tried to apologize for coming late, but they wouldn't hear of it. The man at the window even explained that they stay open and keep serving food as long as there are cars in the drive thru.

Well, today, my wife and I passed by the KFC again. We looked but didn't stop. There are many places to eat, and we will go to one that wants our business even if we pull in right before closing. (or right after!)

KFC fail.
Chic-fil-a: pass, in fact A+

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