Friday, December 23, 2011

A Thrill Of Hope

Once there was a baby, tender and precious.
He came into the world
Full of purpose
Full of innocence
And with a thrill of hope

Once there was a mother, full of love
She bore the baby
Full of joy
Full of expectation
And with a thrill of hope.

Once there was a Father, full of care
He watched mother and child
Full of duty
Full of protection
And with a thrill of hope.

Once there was a family, everlasting.

Once there was a gift.
Once there was a star.
Once there was a king.
Once there was an angel's song.


I don't always know where I am going when I start a poem. This poem is not just about the Christ child. It is an ode to all babies, mothers and fathers that embark on the grand adventure and contract with God that is bringing a child into the world.


  1. I like it! Simple words with powerful thoughts behind them.
    -kathy davies

  2. Beautiful.