Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Yet Another Social Network.

Like most of you out there, I belong to more than one social network.  This is not because I have tons of free time and have nothing better to do with my time.  I have more than one social network, because I have more than one social networking need.

As a professional, I have a linkedIn account.  This serves me as a place to keep up with my current and former colleagues and co-workers.  I use this network to find work for myself, and others.  I sometimes refer friends who are looking to positions at my current or former companies.  In this way being a member of and lightly active in this community serves me.

As someone with personal and family interests I have a Facebook account.  All of my family members are represented.  We talk, share and organize gettogethers on this site.  I also have some other friends that are on FB.  These are people that I like.

Sometimes there are people in both the linkedIn and Facebook network.  Life is messy and that is just the way it goes.

I also have a twitter account.  I am more hard pressed to explain why.  It started with dreams of marketing my own business.  Then it became a place of activism.  But mostly now it is a place of inconsistency.  Some of the friends and colleagues are here as well.  If this is you, I would like to apologize for any expectations you may have had on following me on this network.

I technically have a google Plus account.  Okay, I have one.  But I check on it maybe once every couple of months.  I joined it because it seemed promising and I have been an early adopter of many online technologies.  But it fizzled for me when there was nothing and no one there that was not already on the other networks.

There are new social networks popping up now all of the time.  I have no intention of joining all of them.  Or even another one.  I need to be productive, and there are only so many hours in the day.

So don't feel like I don't care if I don't join the social network of Pizza Lovers or People Who Own Lawnmowers.  Its not you.  Its me.  And the way that I have to manage the distractions in my life.

I hope you will understand and that my lack of online friendship won't affect our real world friendship.

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