Thursday, December 13, 2012

Make America Great

Once upon a time there was a President that gave a speech where he said this famous quote:  "ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country?"

Do we know what this quote means?  If we do understand it, what are we doing about it?  There was a time in the history of our country where even people that didn't agree with each other still thought of themselves as patriots.  We still cared about making our nation a great nation.

So here is my question.  "What can you do to make America the greatest nation?"

Yes, not just good, and not just great, and not just one of the great, but the greatest.

First, what makes nations great?

There are nations with histories that go back for centuries.  There are nations that build monuments like the pyramids, (actually the nation of Egypt did, in fact, build the pyramids.) or the Great Wall of China, (which was built by China.).  There are nations that were triumphant in wars.  Nations that do many many things.  But what makes a nation great?

The ability to create wealth makes a nation great.  The greater the wealth created the greater the nation. Its really quite easy to define.  And wealth is not just money, actually it is not money at all.  Wealth is the creation of goods and services. 

Second, what can you do about it?

Many people are being lulled into an attitude where they are waiting for other people to create wealth, to create the solution to a problem, or to do something, anything. But the great question.  The greatest of questions.  The only really question is, "what can YOU do for your country?"

If you look at the problems around you in the world, and despair.  And then go watch TV and see what the latest un-reality show is playing, then you are not doing anything to help with these problems.

But instead if you look at the problems around you and just pick one.  You pick one and say, "What can I do to help fix this problem?"  It may be starting a business, writing a book, invest your time in helping others achieve, or something that I can't even think of.  But if what you choose to do has the potential to increase the wealth of the nation, in other words, create more goods and services, then you have done something for your nation, community, children, and self.

This is how you can make your nation great.

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