Sunday, February 9, 2014

The science of a testimony of Christ

Sometimes people get confused, and mistake a simple belief with a simple mind. This is something I think I see in the condescending attitude of what I'll call the scientific atheist. This group of people are concerned that there is no god, and all religion is a fraud.

They have this view for one of three reasons. First, they have seen no evidence of a god that they recognize, either never having sought it or having sought it but not finding it. Second, they have had a belief in god in the past, but have lost that belief. They either feel they were wrong, or have been convinced that now they are smarter, wiser, or more sophisticated. Third, they have evidence that convinces them that there is no god. This last one is interesting as it's scientifically complex to prove a negative.

Of course, people who do believe in god, don't do so because they are gullible or liars. We believe because we have evidence that he exists. And we don't get this evidence in a nonscientific manner.

The scientific method, in short, is the process of making an observation, forming a hypotheses, testing that hypotheses, and then evaluating the results.

I have tested the existence of God and his son Jesus Christ. The results of my test was that He lives. I have repeated these tests. The results of my tests are consistent. When I fail to get the same result, I can always, quickly, find the reason in myself. When that is corrected, the outcome returns to a clear result that He lives.

But it is not just me, on my own doing these tests. Many many people that I know and trust have repeated these tests. They have confirmed my results and report that He lives.

Thus, I conclude, that God lives. His son Jesus Christ is real. They love us, and we can know and love them. It's not just my opinion. Is been confirmed by a peer review.