Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hobbit Trilogy - And Social Dogpiling

For me it started on a podcast.  One of the talking voices decided that he wanted to take issues with the breaking of the Hobbit into a three movie trilogy. Too much screen time. Too long between films. Too much original material not in the book as he remembered it. 

Too much this. Too little that.

It made me raise an eyebrow and reconsider how much I had enjoyed going to the movie. And then I noticed that everyone was now doing it. I have seen blog after blog about the movies. And they all take the backseat driver approach to criticize these movies. 

In fairness. Most of the critics also proclaim their intent to see the movies etc, etc. But really? Is this how fans behave these days? Its one thing to be critical of a movie or book that you really feel has fatal flaws.  But it seems that all of these want-to-be critics feel like the Hobbit or the latest Avenger movie, or other wildly successful movies are fair to throw stones at because they know that criticism won't really effect them. 

They seem to think that if the movie is already destined to be a money maker, that we should all feel free to take potshots at it.

And it makes me sigh a little and wish that people wouldn't act like it was cool to be negative. Sophisticated to be critical. And fun to push yourself up by pushing someone else down.

For the record, I have enjoyed all of the Hobbit and LOTR movies. I'll see the next one in the theater. And I plan on enjoying it as well. I expect to come out of the movie and say, "Wow, that was great!  I loved the part where...." Just like I did to the last two. 

For some reason I don't seem to see this in others as often as I wish I did.  So I'm saying it now. Just for me. 

I really like the Hobbit movies. I wish there were going to be more of them. 

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