Monday, January 5, 2015

Bedtime Stories

I started a podcast.

Its called "Once Upon A Bedtime Story" and is at

It all started with a story. A bedtime story. A story that was told over and over. And that story goes like this.

Once upon a time, the end.

That is Daddy's favorite bedtime story at my house. And yes, I know its not a ringing endorsement for a bedtime story podcast. But you see, the world is full of books and stories. Some of these are bedtime stories for children.

And over the years I have read quite a few that are much longer than my famously short story. But in this, many of the stories are repeated many times.

Repetition is not a problem so much for the child as it is for the parent. And one of the big challenges for me was that I wanted to read something new, and if not new, at least something that was a change from the same story read on the previous 5 days.

And I heard about a grandmother who recorded the reading of bedtime stories for her grandchildren. And my idea was born.

What if there was a way to have orally read stories available on a podcast, (actually I have been thinking about this idea since before podcasts were a thing) and then people could listen to them with their children, or play them for their children over and over as a way to aid busy parents and still impart the culturally significant and brains stimulating content of a story read out loud.

And so I have launched this podcast. I hope you give it a listen, subscribe to it, rate it on itunes, and tell all of your friends about it.

And please let me know if you like it.

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