Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lions, Abortions, Illegal Aliens and Racists

Somethings just are what they say they are. Somethings do what they say they do. The truth isn't (or shouldn't be) offensive, illegal, or wrong on any level. Legal or Ethical. Yet for some reason some people don't see it. Maybe they can't see it. Or more likely they are used to some things, and no longer see them. But when something that is also wrong or bad that they are not used to comes along, they jump up and down. (I'd call this throwing a tantrum, but that might be offensive. So I won't.)

Is shooting a lion wrong? Its not illegal. You can get a hunting permit for it. But being legal doesn't make something right. Lions are apex predators.  They are at the top of their food chain. Go watch the lion king and listen to Mufasa's lesson to Simba. Things hunt and eat each other. Lions are at the top of their chain. They hunt and eat things lower on the chain.

Man is also an apex predator. We are at the top of our food chain. When apex predators share the same area they normally have a conflict and one predator is driven out of the territory. But man is different. We have moved into virtually all of the territories. So he makes room for the others and intentionally doesn't behave as nature would intend. He doesn't just kill them all off.

Killing off all other predators would be the "right" thing to do. It is the natural thing to do. It insures that all of the natural resources and all of the other prey animals are safe for us. Safe for humans. Nature tells us that not killing the lion, but leaving it around in a park so that it can compete with us for food, and haul off a poor village child when food is scarce, or the lion is sick or injured and can't hunt is the wrong choice.

Killing lions is the right thing for man to do. Nature says so.

Killing lions and other predators is a right and good thing. It is what it is. Somethings just are true. And this is one of them.  But what about killing off other people?

Abortion prevents the successful birth of a human child. Even if the child is not legally alive, its still a potential legally live human. Minor children are not fully vested with rights, so should we allow abortions up to age 18? Animals all have an instinct to care for and protect their young. Some don't protect the young of others, but all protect their own young.

So when a human mother intentionally destroys a potential human in her body, she is doing something legal, but this is still wrong.

Some things just are wrong. And this is one of them. Nature tells us that we should protect our own young. Even those that are not fully matured. Even those that have yet to take a breath.

There is nothing offensive about being against abortion. Protecting the life or other humans, especially the young, is an instinct in us. People who hold other views are going against nature.

But what about laws. Is breaking a law always wrong?  Yes there are bad laws, and sometimes good people have broken bad laws in order to effect change. But no, breaking laws is always wrong. It just is what is ways it is. Illegal.

When people say that illegal aliens are criminals, they are stating the obvious. Just like illegal human trafficking is a criminal act. And illegally entering my home and taking my stuff is a criminal act. Going to a country that has laws about who can enter and when and where they enter, and entering in a way that violates those laws, is also a criminal act.

Its not racist to say that illegal aliens are criminals. And its rather obvious that people that choose to enter in this manner include people with other criminal tendencies. My buddy may enter my house through an unlocked window with no harm intended. But others that enter my house through the unlocked window will include the thieves, murderers and rapists. (its a good idea to close those windows. And if you are a good person, you should enter through the door to avoid getting shot before I notice that you are a good person entering through the window.)

If a person came to my door and identified as a thief, murderer or rapist, I would deny them entry. And a person entering my country identified as a thief, murderer or rapist would also be denied. So it is obvious and logical so assume that the thief, murderer and rapist are going to choose the illegal entry method.

Illegal aliens have broken at least the laws of lawful entry. Thus they have started down a path of disobedience to the laws of my country. Why is it assumed that they will respect all of or any of the other laws when they are here? And even if they do, illegally entering a home or country is offensive to the legal residence.

Entering in a country illegally is wrong. It is what is says it is. Calling people that point this out racists is also wrong.

Somethings just are what they say they are. Somethings do what they say they do. The truth isn't (or shouldn't be) offensive, illegal, or wrong on any level.

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