Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why I'm an Organ Donor

Well, I guess I'm not yet. I mean I still have all of my organs. Well, okay, when I was seven I had my appendix out. But I don't count that as a donation. No one really wanted it or anything.

But for years I have checked the boxes on my drivers license and filled out the forms to authorize the donation of my organs in the case of my death. And I seriously think this is something everyone should do.

Today we have great technology. We fly through the air. We talk to people around the world and up in space. We can search entire works of not just the great writers, but the mediocre ones, in seconds. And we can take an organ, like a heart, from someone that doesn't need theirs anymore. And give it to someone that will die without it.

Its like magic. Its like a miracle. And it could happen more often.

Here is the deal.

Lets say you are like me. You have filled out the forms, and checked the boxes. And then you are out riding your bike and get hit with a car. A few hours later, your next of kin is being told that you are brain dead.

At this point they ask a question. They ask them if they can use your organs. Because now that you aren't breathing on your own and can't make any choices, your next of kin get to make this choice.

And they are grieving. I've done my share of grieving. This is not the time when you want them to have to talk about this. But if they don't, it will be too late.

I shocked the doctor that told me that my son was not going to live when I asked him about organ donation. I asked the doctor if there was any need for my son's organs by anyone else. I think he had prepared for lots of different questions, but this was not one of them. He had to go and make some calls.

As a society, we need to re-examine how this works. I'd like to see my choice to be an organ donor be the default option. The doctor kindly tells my next of kin that they should say goodby before the transplant surgeons come. But not give them a decision to make.

I already made it. I want to be part of a miracle.

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