Thursday, October 4, 2018

Book Review: Too Much Information

I just finished reading Too Much Information. I received a promotional copy from the author with no obligation to review. I did review it. It was great.

If I'm going to start reviewing books I should probably post my criteria somewhere. But this book met them all.

First, "Too Much Information" is listed as YA. For me, this should mean that the content should be targeted at youth and adults that are looking for a book that won't have too many adult themes.

This book was clean. Nothing objectionable in the dialog, content or actions of the characters.

This book was light on violence. The action scenes were well constructed to be engaging and sometimes intense. The author did a great job indicating that things had happened off-screen without feeling like you had missed anything.

Gabe and Rylee are teens. They are dealing with Gabe's supernatural gifts and the people that want to take advantage of them. They are also still in school, and that English Essay is pretty important too.

In the end, I hive this book an all positive evaluation on the recommendable scale. There is nothing to warn anyone about.

And I give this book a 5 stars on the good read list. Book has good characters, a great story concept, and a well-executed plot and storyline.

Looking forward to what Dale Britton writes next.