Thursday, January 14, 2021

Prepare fof the Best

 I'm sure we have all heard about preparing for the worst. But I'm not sure the attitude that comes with it is a healthy one. Preparing for the worst is to look ahead and visualize all that might go wrong. Sure, you are trying to prepare for it, but what does preparing mean? Are we just gritting our teeth and waiting for it to pass? 

I feel like this was the response many took and advocated for in the COVID of 2019 pandemic. "Things might be really bad, so let's all hide in our homes until it is over." This left us often with a sense that we had skipped the year. That nothing happened. And we came out into January of 2020 having nothing to look back on but having watched all of YouTube. 

I'm not sure that this plan is really preparing anything. 

So what happens if we don't "Prepare for the Worst" but instead "Prepare for the Best" what would that look like? Well, it is not just assuming that nothing bad will or can happen. That is actually just not preparing. Preparing for the Best could be expanded to be, "Prepare to make what might happen the Best" and in this way, we are not planning to just hide in our beds with the covers up to our noses hoping that things will get better. 

We are doing something about it. We are making things better. We are confronting the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune with a battle cry. 

So here we are, all poking our heads out of the door to see if 2020 is going to be as bad as 2019. Let's not do that. Let's turn our faces to the future and plan to have a great year. 

I'm going to do some great things this year. 

I'm going to publish a new book. And then I'm going to publish another one. 

I'm going to finish some home improvement projects I started a while back.

I'm going to be ready to teach my kids from home again if I need to without the propensity to curl up under my desk and cry. 

I'm going to find ways to make my own back yard a place my kids and I will want to spend more time. So that if we have to, it won't be like a prison.

I can do this. And even if I don't have to stay in quarantine, or if my social life is rebooted, I will have a nice yard and some nice rooms and some more books. 

I'll be prepared for the best of whatever will come.