Periculum is latin for Risk, Danger, or Cause.  I selected this as the title for this series as I explore the risks and benefits of a particular fictional technology.

Periculum is a short story. It is also a series of short stories. But at this time only the first is published. You can find it on Amazon.

Periculum:  The time has come for Jac to take over the duties of his father as a protector of the city and holder of the Periculum. His first job looks simple, but becomes complicated as he uncovers a plot against the city he must protect. He is forced to make choices between the lives of his friends and his duty to his city. And find a way to avoid a confrontation that would tear everything apart.

Lost And Found:  The army that Todd is serving with gets raided in the night.  While separated from his commanders he is given a gift that is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing if he can learn its secret, and a curse if he fails to control it.  Will he be the means to saving the men with him, or will he lead to all of their doom.  (work in progress)

Nothing Left to Chance:  Too many good men die in war before they can learn the skills to survive.  Grey's clan explores a new science to solve this problem and create a super warrior to lead men into battle and survive.  Seven are chosen and created.  But there is a price to this new warrior that no one recognizes until the first engagement.  Will Grey be willing to pay that price?  Will that choice destroy his clan?  And what of the other 6 warriors?  (work in progress)