Tuesday, September 29, 2009

About the Dark Knight

I wrote the first draft of the Dark Knight as an assignment for a writing class back in school. Afterwards it kind of stuck with me and I kept coming back and toying with the idea. I never intended it to be the first chapter of a book or anything like that. The character behind the voice will never appear anywhere else.

However, I have toyed with the idea of writing the back story behind this short story. These generally take two forms. First, I think that writing the story of the Dark Knight, how he was involved in the fall of the knights and his decision to rebuild them after their destruction was complete. Second, to write a series of short stories that all involve the world of the first knights and their progression and fall.

History of the Dark Knight:

The first option, of writing the Dark Knight's story has some challenges. It would be a longer endeavour, and would need to be the size or a novel to really work. And writing about a character that I have already decided will be a legend in his own time, means that I would be writing about Super Man, and yet need to keep him human and believable.

I don't shy away from this challenge, but it seems rather grand and I am not sure that I can pull it off. At least not as a place to start. For this reason I have not started this larger story, and have just kept his history in my head and in a few documents with notes and outlines.

Stories of the First Knights

This is easier to do in the first place. I can write sort stories. They are not major commitments that get in the way of my other Works In Progress that I am involved with.

I have actually started a couple of these short stories and will be posting them here. This has several benefits to the storyline. First, the stand alone stories are, well, stand alone. I don't have to maintain a bunch characters or a large plot vision. I can write a character, and then throw them away if I don't like them. I can write side stories to the existing plot line, and explore options and ideas within the realm of the major storyline and then discard them if they don't work out without damaging the larger story.

So that is the plan. I am going to write some short stories that go along these lines to explore what it is and how things work. Hopefully it will be fun to read and to discuss.

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