Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where do Idiots come from.

I was asked this question by a frustrated co-worker. "Roy, why are there so many idiots in the world today?"

I was asked this in jest, but I responded without even thinking. "Because medical science has progressed to the point where we no longer allow natural selection to play its role in society."

This response got a lot of laughs, but in a way, we have painted ourselves in a corner.

I am not talking about treating illness. I am talking about treating people who choose to skateboard, at night, on the public roads, wearing all black, as if the rest of us should protect them. From themselves.

Or people that take up juggling chainsaws as a profession.

Or even people that choose to smoke, not wear a seat belt, or use a crosswalk, or a thousand other things.

Now I am not about to prevent any of these activities. But I think that if have been warned of the dangers of juggling chainsaws, and then do it anyway. When you cut your arm off, we don't get excited or spend resources trying to keep you alive.

Placeing a medical sheild inbetween people and the consequences of their actions is bad for us. Placing a legal shield there is also bacd. It is bad for you, and me and all of our neighbors.

Now to extend this even farther. We have created two types of people. The first type is the type we have had all along. They are like the farmers that work the land, produce food and solve an unbelievable number of problems with bailing wire and duck-tape.

These are practical problem solvers. They are the survivors. (not because they don't get voted off the island.) They are the tool makers.

Then there is this new type of person. This is not the type that have to be told what to do and are the uncreative laborer. This is the hyper-educated person that has trouble figuring how to get two quarts of water into the little pack of cool-aid.

This type of person has an area of genius, but has major deficits in their practical ability to use a twist tie.

In the natural world, these people would not have survived.

Today, they live in big cities and eat packaged and prepared food. They own homes where they oven is clean like new because they have never prepared food in it. And the tools that bring them their food, (guns, knives, trucks and trains) are evil killers and polluters.

They don't seem to realize that milk does not come in bottles and salads don't come in sealed bags. They don't think about the farmers and ranchers and others that create all of the wealth of food and resources. And without these, the second type dies.

I had a friend tell me that "famous last words" were, "Hey y'all. Wath this." said right before doing something stupid. But sadly these are no longer "last words" like they used to be. Instead the person is rushed to the ER and goes out to vie for YouTube fame all over again.

And humanity is all the weaker for it.

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