Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is a Game.

It was happening again.

Somehow they always knew where I was hiding.

But it is no use complaining. So I grab my pistol and extra ammo and carefully shoot the first snipes to pop their head over the wall.

Then rolling to my feet, I dash through the short maze, killing snipes as I go to make my way to the larger weapons cache. I will need a bigger gun soon if things keep going the way they have before.

"Come an get it!" I yell as I slaughter the beast that tries to bar my way. And then I duck behind some barrels to reload.

Once upon a time, I didn't have to go to war with creatures that belong in a nightmare.
A living nightmare, that's what this was.
But that time is harder and harder to remember. Now this seems to be my life. And feeling sorry for myself, here behind the barrels, will more than likely get me killed.

Rain starts to fall as I enter the next maze that will lead me out of this trap.

As I push through the hedge with my big gun leading the way, my vision blurs for a second. Like rain writing letters before my eyes.

I wipe away the rain, and I hear a gun firing off to my left.

A human gun.

There is someone else here fighting the snipes.

Its odd, but this makes me feel better. Misery loves company as you know.

And there is that odd blur again. This time it seems to spell, "Player 2 has entered the game."

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