Friday, December 9, 2011

If I were the President - Announcing My Candidacy

I would like to take the time now to announce my Candidacy for the President of the United States of America.

Yes, I really would like to. But I am not going to. I don't think that I really want to have the job. And if you read my last post about qualifications, I don't even qualify for my own support.

But one thing I think is interesting is how Candidates for the Presidency do announce themselves. I have seen the following:

Press Conference:

Only really seems to work if you are already a celebrity. Trump can get the press to show up, but no one shows up for me.

Talk show:

Generally it helps to be a celebrity here as well. Call up the Tonight Show and see if you can get on as a guest? I bet you don't even get on the maybe list.

Blog or Website:

Anyone can do this. Websites are cheap or free and slapping up one to announce your candidacy can be done for no money on sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages,, Facebook and many many others.

Having such an announcement is worth about what it costs. Nothing.

Party Selection:

This is the old school way to do it. You join a political party. You work for years running for positions like dog catcher, and then city council, then a state legislator, then governor. After serving in the party and if you are lucky enough to follow this path, you just might be lucky enough, and have made enough friends in the party to get nominated and selected to be a candidate.

Generally and historically this has been done as a way to weed out and prove the character of the individual. The party would support a person they knew about and trusted because they had served in other positions and proven themselves trustworthy to advance the party's goals.

Other Ways:

These are the ways that I have seen. I am not sure my list is comprehensive. (Sky Writing, Billboards, Sound Trucks, you name it.) And I am pretty sure there isn't one way that is better than all of the others. Some are probably worse that these.

But if you can truly come up with a way that is creative and enticing, I might just use it to announce my candidacy.

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