Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making a Cover for a Short Story

So I am taking a break from politics, and have finished up my Periculum short story.  Before I start getting it out there and becoming famous, I needed a cover.  Here are my two cover attempts.  Please take a moment and let me know if you have a preference, or if I am up in the night.

I liked this first cover because it showed a couple of different parts of the story. The city, the dessert, and the conflict Jac encounters. Its not supposed to tell the story, but to let you know the story is exciting.  I had this in mind when I started, and it looks exactly like I imagined it.

This doesn't happen most of the time, so I am kind of proud of this one.
I like the second cover because it focuses on the adventure and conflict of the story.  It says, "Hey you!  Want to read and adventure story?  Well what are you waiting for?"  And it is the second cover so it is naturally better. Right?

This was more an exercise.  I cropped a picture.  I added an effect.  I put in the text.  So why do I like this one?  Maybe simpler is better.

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