Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Publishing Periculum

I have stopped editing.

I have stopped revising.

I have stopped asking for advice on my cover.  (and my designer friends may all cringe when they see it.)

And finally, I have uploaded my story to Amazon.

It is in review right now, but as soon as it is approved it will be out there for people to download, read, and review.  And so it is pins and needles for me.

If you remember the first few pages that I wrote in an earlier post called Periculum, well, this is that story.  I had originally thought that this would be a first chapter, but unlike most of my short stories that grow in scope to become novel like.  This one grew the other way.  It started with an outline for a novel, but as the story developed between my brain and keyboard, it shrank and became a short story.

If everything works out, I will be writing more in the Periculum world, and possibly one of those will actually become a novel.

For now.  We will have to see how my story of writing stories unfolds.

Now about Periculum, here is the synopsis.

The times comes for Jac to take over his fathers duties as a protector and defender of their city.  His first job seems simple enough, but things get complicated as Jac uncovers a plot against the city he must protect.  He is forced to make choices between his duty and the lives of his friends.  And he must find a way to avoid a confrontation that might tear everything apart.

So I am going to go sit here now and click refresh over and over on my email waiting for Amazon to approve it so that I can talk about it some more.

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