Friday, December 14, 2012


One of the movies that we watch over and over in our home is a movie called Pollyanna staring Hayley Mills.  We especially like the scene where the minister is preaching and keeps saying, "Death comes unexpectedly."  Philosophically, it shouldn't.  We should all know that this life is a temporary moment between the time when we left our existence before with God, and the time when we return to him.  Sometimes we are ignorant of this.  Most of the time we get distracted from it.  And in this state of ignorance or distraction we miss the precious moments we have with one another.

Today, many families were reminded in the harshest of ways. Last year my family and close friends were reminded as we we suffered a loss. If you live long enough, you will feel the tug of the heart strings that accompanies losses like this. And I don't think that faith or knowledge of God and the resurrection removes the sting. Even Jesus wept with those grieving the loss of his friend Lazarus. 

"Death comes unexpectedly." So take a moment today, and every day, to hug your loved ones, say a kind word to people you work with and meet. Forgive someone that offends you with or without intent. Be glad that you have this day to live, that the sun is shining, that you can feel, and experience another moment of this short life. Share that gladness with someone for no reason other than that both of you can share it.

Every person and every moment is a precious gift.

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