Friday, February 26, 2016

Horror Show Politics

When I watch a bad movie or read a badly written book,  I sometimes find myself in a position where I am rooting for the monster or the bad guy. When the main characters or hero of the story makes dumb choices like opening up the door to see what that sound of death and gore is, or wandering out into the night because they heard a scary noise, I want them to lose.  I hate stories like this. In good stories people may make bad choices, but they should be doing them for good reasons.

While I was discussing politics today, I discovered that I have similar feelings about our 2016 election choices. It seems like voters are so intrigued by the loud noises coming from the other side of the door, that they are willing to open it up and see what a Trump presidency would look like.

This is a dumb idea. And its likely to get us all killed. (Okay, so its not really a horror movie and we won't all die, but it will be bad.) We don't really need to open the door to see if that sound like a chainsaw is a chainsaw. Even if its not a chainsaw, it won't be something we want as a president.

On the other side, it is even worse. The voters have wandered out into the darkness and are have a werewolf on one side and the creature from the black lagoon on the other. There are no good choices at this point. Both Sanders and Clinton are horrible options for the presidency. I'd rather have Joe Biden or Harry Reid, but they're not running so we are stuck with the monsters.

At this point I feel like I'm watching a really badly written horror movie. You have a couple who have wandered out into the darkness for no good reason. People told them not to go out there, but they just had to find out what happened to their puppy and what all the noises in the darkness were. Now, no matter which way they turn, they will be eaten my a monster.

And the dude that stayed back in the house, is hearing the noises of breaking bones in the basement. And even though the door was bared and locked, he has decided he wants to know what those noises are and is about to open the door to find out.

I'm sure that the writer of this horrible movie had a plan to save these people when he started, but at this point the characters have made such poor choices, they deserve what they are about to get. If the American voter puts Trump, Clinton or Sanders in the White House.  Then America is like the stupid characters in the movie that should not survive to be in the sequel, but should be killed and eaten by the monsters.

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