Sunday, December 4, 2016

Bahhhhd at Math

There was once a shepard
Who was bad at math.
For he would leave the many
To trod the rocky path.

The other shepards mocked him
As he climbed down the steep
And added to his flock
A solo wayward sheep.

But after much time had passed
And it was time to go
The shepard called to his lambs
And his voice they did know.

They had learned to follow.
His voice they did love.
And gladly went where he did call
As gently as a dove.

Some shepards kept many sheep
And flocks and herd did shove.
The sheep that follow the shepard's voice
Do so out of love.

So when you are a shepard
And many sheep you hath,
Follow his example
And never do the math.

- by Roy Hayward

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