Monday, February 6, 2017

Airlock: A Grey Space Story

Another Story is up and available on Amazon.  This is a short story that I wrote, liked, and started writing a series of stories around this character.

James Grey is a man trying to make a living. He goes on a salvage mission and gets more than he bargained for. Basically, it's a man in a space suit, with an airlock, and a limited amount of time.

It's a short story.

I started out playing with some ideas for a video game that a group of friends and I were thinking about developing. This is not one of the ideas that had any traction, but the small, one sentence note that I had jotted down about this story kept bugging me. I kept seeing it and thinking about it. So I started to add a bit more detail to it.

In a few days I had a plot, a character, and then a rough draft. So I showed it to a friend of mine. He hated it. But while he was reading it, I wrote the plot outlines for nine more stories based on James Grey and his AI partner Jeeves.

As sometimes happens when we get negative feedback, I dropped the project and went back to my Novel. A novel that is now finished and available on Amazon, and Smashwords called Arbor Colony. Available in both eBook and Paperback.

My novel was looking lonely there with so few companions and suddenly this short story was back bugging me to be finished. So I sat down and read it again. One of two things happens when I read something that I wrote and set aside. Either I hate it, or I go "Wow, that is good. I should finish it."

So the Grey Space stories are back on the hopper to get finished. They should be pretty quick work to finish and get out there. So no one should be worried that I'm not going to finish Seed of Stars the next novel after Arbor Colony.

While you are waiting for it, check out this story and let me know what you think of it.

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