Tuesday, May 30, 2017

To Paint with all the Colors of the Visible Spectrum

So I started this story when a friend of mine and I were discussing how we learned about science. I was saying that I had learned a lot about science by reading science fiction. He was not convinced and was of the opinion that there would be too much fake science.

So I started writing this short story to prove my point. I showed him the rough draft. It wasn't the end of the argument but I did use it in my argument.

Then it went on the shelf. Or at least the digital shelf. When I started to publish my short stories, the characters in this story started a protest. They wanted to be published as well. I couldn't find a good reason to keep them confined, so they have been release.

I'm happy to publish a short story about a young man who is socially awkward but has great talent. He is an artist who paints with stars. To do this he has to know and discuss a few parts of astrophysics.

Not all is sweetness and light. He has a rival that is jealous and attempts to sabotage his ship. Things look a bit grim for a while.

You'll have to read the story to find out if Baxter can save himself and his friends. And to find out if he can overcome his limitations to make new friends. And to find out how he paints with stars.

To Paint with all the Colors of the Visible Spectrum is now available on Amazon.

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