Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What is Time To the Young?

Where do you get ideas for stories? It's a question without an answer. Or the answer is "Everywhere." I get my ideas for stories everywhere and from everyone.

Sometimes I worry a bit as I jot down a phrase or a short story description that someone will read it and recognize who and what was the inspiration and be upset. I work hard so that this will never happen.

I hear people say something. And the writer part of my brain grabs those words and twists them out of their context and into a new form. A new world. A new hero or villain.

Some of my best villains say things I heard from people I admire. And some of my heroes say words from people I don't admire. It's not about where the idea comes from, its all about what I can do with it. And I always hope that no one reads a story of mine and feels I have not been fair in what I have done with words they recognize.

I was listening to a song. As I heard the words the author part of my brain grabbed the refrain and with one small twist, a story came to life for me. It took a few years for the story to worm its way onto the page and be ready for others to read, but it is done now.

The story starts with a boy in college. He is a perpetual student and has been going to one college or another for a long time. A really long time. But things are about to change for him.

A chance encounter with someone he knew, or who knew him changes his plans and those choices have consequences. He has made living without consequences into an art form but he can't do that this time.

What do you do when you have all the time in the world but no purpose? Check out "What is Time to the Young?" and see what happens to a young man that is not as young as he looks, who comes to terms with the consequences of his own choices.

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