Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Just One Day

Happy Birthday, Freddy!  It's been 9 years and I think of you often. 

Just One Day

Just one day to hold you
And tightly clutch your hand
Tell you how I love you
In all the words I can

Just one day to see you
Gazing on your face
Trying to make a memory
To hold it fixed in place

Just one day to share you
With family that I love
Passing you from arm to arm
Cooing like a dove

Just one day to pray for you
And plead a heartfelt prayer
Asking for more time
And more moments to share

Just one day to say goodbye
A parting at the last
Sending you home again
I know our time has past.

Just one day and then it's gone
For one more smile
For one more tear
For one more laugh
For one more cry
For one more hug
For one more parting
For one more loss
For one more moment of joy

By Roy Hayward 

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Mighty Fortress - Launched

The book is out and I just got my copy. There are seventeen authors with stories in this anthology. My story, "I stand at the door" is the 5th story in the anthology. I'm super excited about it.

I'm so excited that I recorded a youtube video about it. 

If you want to get a copy, It's available on Immortal Works or Amazon.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Romantic Scene

Picture if you will, a husband and wife in the hospital just after they have had a c-section and are waiting for the baby to come join them from the room where the surgery happened. The nurse is there to help. The husband is trying to do what he can to comfort his wife.

Because of the anesthesia, she is nauseated. The nurse warns them that she needs to keep pressure on the incision if she throws up, so to warn them. This begins to happen. 

The husband and nurse hold a pillow against her tummy. The husband uses one hand to hold the throw-up bag because the wife has to use both hands to prop herself forward in the bed. 

The husband and wife are face to face. He is holding the bag and pillow for her. And inches away from his nose, she throws up into the bag. 

At this tender moment, he whispers, “I love you.”

It happens again. He whispers, “You are so beautiful.”

Things settle down. The nurse cleans the wife up a bit. The husband does as well. 

Then she is nauseated again. The scene repeats with another whisper of affection. When it is finally over, and the nausea passes the husband says, “That was such a romantic moment honey.”

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a writer. So I wanted to share this scene as realistically as possible. I want you to feel like you were there with me moments after the birth of my seventh child. November 11th, 2011. I shared a moment of love and joy with my wife that was unique to me.

This is what I think of when I think of romance. Some may write a romantic scene with two bodies pressing and entwining. Of young hearts beating. Whatever. That is not romance. 

Romance is holding the hand of someone that needs you. Comforting them when all you can do is be there with them. And when you can, whispering to them that no matter what, they are your one true love.